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Pastor Randy Shields

Bro. Bob Roland

  • June 15 - Graveside Service, 11 a.m. West Lawn Memorial Park, 1350 S Main St, China Grove, NC Friends welcome.
  • 6-8 p.m. Receiving Friends at Gateway Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

    See the full obituary here

  • June 13 - Death is swallowed up in victory
  • June 12 - Points toward heaven. Longing to see his Heavenly Father.
  • June 11 - Dr expressed he is very resilient.

  • June 10: Respiration 10
  • June 8: He is restricted from taking anything by mouth - "could aspirate".
    P.M. Blood sugar -40/ Given dextrose
  • June 7: Enjoyed some honey : )
    Psa 19:9-11
  • June 2: Notified sepsis clear (P.M.)
    Able to say "I love you" & "Praise the Lord"

  • Thankful for what the Lord is going to do!

    June 1, 2019: UPDATE
    Yesterday oxygen level @ 70%
    Admitted to Mary Black Hospital
    Asked him Thursday his verse for the day. He had not been able to speak much, yet quoted, "(I Peter 5:7) Casting all your care upon him..." ! UPDATE to the UPDATE Praise the Lord for His sufficient grace!

    3/13/19 UPDATE:
    Blood Lab work Perfect!

    2/28/19 UPDATE:
    Tests results taken at hospital indicate C-diff infection.

    For those who have known and loved Bro. Bob Roland (Pastor Shield's father-in-law) and desire to know about his recent condition, we are providing this page that you may be aware of any specific prayer needs and praise reports!

    Bro. Bob, who will be the blessed age of 85 on June 27, after being under Interim Hospice group's care for 15 months (treated for Parkinsons and recently being diagnosed with a facial cancer), developed a fever and was treated in the hospital for pneumonia, then sent to Rosecrest Nursing Home for 3 weeks. He was diagnosed and treated for C-diff at the end of his stay there, completing 5 days at home. He has had a good appetite, but was very nauseated the 25th eating only 5 bites of his dinner. Early the next morning his condition had declined and the health care worker recommended that he be seen at hospital. Tests indicated no dehydration, anemia nor flu. Electrolytes ok. Told symptoms were not as C-diff and he was sent home. We praise the Lord for his sustaining grace during this time and are thankful for all he has done and is going to do as we look to him in faith regardless of all that is seen! May the Lord bless each of you that have called, sent a card or letter, visited and most of all prayed! If you would like to send Bro. Bob and/or his wife a message, please forward to or 8090 Parris Bridge Rd, Chesnee, SC.