The Movings of God (1976-2019)

   As Pastor's wife, thinking today how in March 1976, the Lord moved me to Chesnee. My parents did not even know in which house they were going to live. Pulled up at a church to which we had not ever attended and were told that they had an empty parsonage available. In 1991, 15 years later, and 11 years of marriage, we celebrated the day of my husband's graduation at Tabernacle Baptist College. So much has transpired since that day! And 14 years later, we celebrated our son's graduation there also!! We are so blessed to be a part of God's great work!!

His mercy sought me
His grace hath bought me
His love hath made me what I am today


I am His, He hath bought me, Hallejuah!
I am His, brought from death to life!
I am His, to serve Him every day I live.
I am His, to sing His praise each day.
I am His, sin no longer has dominion!
I am His, Christ's Spirit dwells within.
I am His, by faith that Jesus is Messiah!
I am His, conscience by His blood is free!

By Donna Shields (Nov. 16, 2018)

"For the love of Christ constraineth us"

II Cor. 5:14