Had good time at Tabernacle Baptist Alumni meeting yesterday afternoon (3/4/19), Greenville, SC.

Highlights: Message from II Timothy 4 of exhortation to fight on for His Truth!
  Wonderful song, "I ONCE was astray from the heavenly way..."
  Praise God, not a swine returned to wallowing in mire

  Thinking today of all the trials, tests, storms, difficulties, afflictions, infirmities He has allowed and brought us through thus far, remembered a song He gave:


1) How am I going to make it through this day?
How am I going to climb the mountain in my way?
How am I going to face the trials so intense?
When it seems so impossible, I hear

Refrain: Run the race - run with patience!
Looking unto Jesus - casting all you care!
Thankful for all things! Run the race!

2) Consequences for decisions difficult may be.
Yet through it all I know His plan is working good for me.
And because He loves me I can see not only what is bleak.
For His Word is my strength though I am weak!

   By Donna Shields, August 13, 2013