Holding Forth the Word of Life

   The race began that wonderful day I became born by the Spirit of God. My life aglow with His presence, and His Word held forth as the light unto my path, I began to run for the incorruptible crown. Many deceives have tried to convince that we need to use a new revised light - the first one they say is getting too old. Numerous dogs lay hold with biting, seeking to wound our hearts to cause our fall. Adversity has blown to blow off course, yet the light remains. Though we do not know at what point our race shall end, we know it may be today. Knowing this we hold forth the world of life boldly, that either by death or His return, we may "rejoice in the day of Christ," having "not run in vain, neither laboured in vain." What marvelous thrills await us as we cross the finish line!

    To shine for the Lord in this world below, To hold forth the word of life wherever I go, To the world this seems a trivial thing,    Yet in heaven above, great rewards t'will bring!

    To know His will and His word I've kept, To know that a struggling soul I have helped, To give of the truth 'til I reach my goal,    Is the one prime interest of this soul!

    We're running, running - we're almost there; Soon, very soon, sweet heaven we may share; Holding forth the word of life amid the strife    Are you ready to meet Him after this life?

    By Donna Shields